Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News and Notes (Arizona Edition)

1. So tell me, if you were Arizona, what would you do? You have a huge increase in crime, a huge increase in medical expenses, a huge outcry from law-abiding citizens and you have a federal government who basically is voting "present."

So what would you do?

2. Here is living proof that liberals have no clue: "

"Dear Arizona: If you don't change your immigration policy, I will have to stop drinking your enjoyable brand of iced tea," Twittered Jody Beth in Los Angeles.

Why is it that we're supposed to have open borders, but Mexico doesn't? Granted, we are a far superior country, as far as becoming prosperous and free. But before El Presidente opens his stupid mouth, he should practice what he preaches.

8. If you were a legal immigrant to this country, what would you think about this? Would you feel that you made a terrible mistake, abiding by the law while all these others came across illegally?

9. If concluded that all of those who are against this new law are so because they either haven't read the bill, hate conservatives so much that they will never agree on anything, simply need something to scream and protest about or are for complete open borders. Clearly, the politicians who call this law racist are only doing so to pander to those who will eventually voting, should Obama's amnesty pass. Nancy Pelosi is already trying to find new voters in Puerto Rico.

10. There is a certain arrogance in a President who claims it's racist to demand non-citizens to "show their papers" regarding citizenship, but has no problem whatsoever in having citizens "show their papers" to prove they have health insurance. This law is only intrusive in the case where the person is exhibiting unlawful behavior. But the health care law in intrusive for EVERYONE.

Now i have driven through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I have been stopped countless times by immigration officials along Interstate 10. One time, while driving a U-Haul, I was stopped, and had the truck thoroughly inspected. But I didn't complain. Why should I? I was doing nothing wrong and these men were simply doing their legally enforced law. So I had nothing to worry about.

Did they ask me for my "papers?" Hell yeah they did. And I supplied them with my state-issued driver's license and my proof of rental for the truck. I even showed them my automobile insurance card. I had no trouble with them and I was glad to help. When these leftists scream that the state of Arizona is being intrusive for "asking for papers," are they unaware that Americans everyday are asked for their licenses every time they are stopped by a cop? Isn't that intrusive also?

My problem with Democrats is that they are so transparent. They yelled and screamed when it was proposed that people show a picture ID at the polling booth. But why? Don't you have to show it when you use a credit card? How about when you enter a federal building? What about when you're stopped by a cop? Or when you board an airplane?

The real reason they don't want the voter ID law is because then there can be no voter fraud. If everyone must show their ID, then illegal aliens can't vote - or at least it becomes increasingly harder to do. It's a shameless tactic that calls into question the true integrity of the Democrat Party and yes, their patriotism.

Looking the other way at illegal immigration does not serve this country well. We are a nation of laws and when these laws are ignored, it leads to a lack of respect for the rule of law and eventual anarchy. The President swore, under oath, to uphold the constitution of the United States. Whether he likes it or not - and he has openly been critical of much of it - it is his duty to preserve and protect it. The Arizona law is nothing different than the federal law that is already on the books. It simply enforces that law - a law that the federal government has been derelict in enforcing. If he doesn't like it, he can propose a counter law and allow it to be voted on. But until such time that this law - a law that is overwhelmingly supported by the citizens of Arizona - it is his duty to keep the peace and preserve that law.

Whether he likes it or not.

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