Sunday, April 25, 2010


My friend Jeff, sent me a message on Facebook tonight informing me that the New York Post quoted me in an article about American Idol. I must say, I found that a bit freaky. While it is incredible to to know that someone from the Post reads my blog (thank you), I must add that some of the other places that the article also appeared mistook me for an Entertainment Weekly blogger.

In fact, as most of my regulars know, I'm quite independent and only post about the entertainment industry as I see fit. Yes, I have - inconsistently - been writing about American Idol. But while I wrote about it more frequently in past seasons, I only began to broach it again a couple of weeks ago. But I will continue my weekly assessment of the show until a champion is chosen.

This has been an extraordinary week for this blog. Besides this NY Post thing, my Glee post was picked up by two of the most successful bloggers out there. Because of that, I broke my record for most hits in a day, two-days and week. I guess perhaps I should write less about politics and more about entertainment, huh?

Anyway, thanks for reading this past week and I hope you stick around.

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