Sunday, March 13, 2011

When I read about what happened last night in Itamar, Israel, I can not help but be not only mortified, but enraged beyond words. If you haven't heard about the latest terrorist attack, you can read about it here. I am too nauseated to review it.

I watched Rep. Keith Ellison being interviewed by Bill Maher, on HBO the other night. It simply amazes me how anyone can take what he says seriously. We all know that the Koran explicitly allows for lying, if it is for the purpose of defending the faith. Nothing that man says should be accepted as anything but lies.

As for the rest of that gutter religion - at least, I mean the bastardization of it - the best I can hope for is a giant can on Raid to wipe them all out. They have no soul, no love of life. Even their own leaders freely and proudly admit that they worship death.

And yet, our feckless leaders - and this goes beyond Obama, who himself has admitted to siding with the Moslems, should push come to shove, but to Bush, Clinton and all the rest. The simply fact is that you can not negotiate with people (and I really use that term loosely) who want you dead.

Of course, since it is only Jewish blood that has been spilled, the world will not care one iota.

And yet, what the world will do is condemn Israel for the poor Palestinians. Of course, it matters not that these poor Palestinians are poor because of their corrupt leaders and desire to kill every single Jew. The sad fact remains that Moslems living in Israel enjoy far more freedom, wealth and rights than anyone living in any other Arab land.

These animals deserve nothing more than extermination. They destroy everything they touch, they torture - not only Jews, but even their own citizens - and they threaten the west on a daily basis.

Of course, to hear Obama tell it, you are no more likely to die from a Christian than you are from a radical Moslem. But last I checked, there were ni Christains (or Jews, or Hindu or anyone else) blowing up buildings, shooting up school girls, murdering babies and their [arents, in the name of their god.

Whether it be because our President (and the ones before him) are afraid, or because they refuse to accept the reality, I don't know. This country used to stand up to immoral beasts like this. And why do we put up with it? Because of oil.

Oil is not a horrible reason. The horrible reason is because we refuse to create energy ourselves, and therefore are beholden to these beasts. We do not allow any new nuclear reactors, we do not allow more drilling, we do not open up our vast resourses that not only would damage the financial strength of these animals, but would immediately cure our own financial problems.

Our government, therefore, is completely complicit in this crime. Obviously, this is no comfort to the families of the victims. And the fact that our government refises to accept any responsibility is regardless.

It is long past time for Prime minister Netanyahu to stop playing the game by the the rules of those who hate us, and to start playing by the rules everyone has. If I were the Israeli Prime Minisher, I would immediately cease any "peace" talks, annex east Jerusalem and begin the expulsion of every single Arab in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

What? Do you think the world will hate us more? Is that possible? I would also figure out a way to live without the $3 biilion in aid we receive from the US. Obama will never treat you fairly, Mr. Netanyahu. It's time, instead, to do what's right for your nation.

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