Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been two months since I've last posted. But I'm beginning to get the desire to write again. Instead of a rant (and in the following weeks, I think I'll have a lot to rant about), I'm going to do something I used to love doing, but haven't in a long while. A top 10 music list. I hope you enjoy it.

Ten Great Songs From One Great Year


This was a memorable year for me because it was the time when my recovery from my transplant really started to look optimistic. This was a rough year because I finally dealt with post traumatic stress disorder and a deep depression. But it's also the year I pulled myself out of it and started seeing life in a whole new light. It was the year I started to listen to country music again and a year when I realized how depressing country music can be.

This was also the year I started my website and blog and finally began to write my transplant story. John Kerry gave me a lot to write about, as he tried in vain to reinvent his miserable past. Cindy Sheehan got her 15 minutes of fame, while San Francisco issued its' first same-sex marriage licenses.

In the world, The Madrid terror bombings took place in May, which led to the capitulation of Spain to the terrorists. In the same month, Israel targets and eliminated Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The war in Iraq takes a wrong turn when 60 Minutes reveals the Abu Ghraib scandal. While newsman Dan Rather gets caught in a fabricated hit piece on President Bush. But the biggest story is the southeastern Asia earthquake and tsunami, which killed almost 250,000 people.

In sports, Boston Red Sox finally beat the curse (and the Yankees) and the Detroit Pistons became known as the thugs of the NBA.

Somebody Told Me -- The Killers

Somewhere Only We Know -- Keane

Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

Run -- Snow Patrol

Mayberry -- Rascal Flatts

Songs About Rain -- Gary Allan

Rollin' -- Big and Rich

This Love -- Maroon 5

Boulevard of Broken Dreams -- Green Day

Look What You've Done -- Jet


Live Like You Were Dying -- Tim McGraw
(also known as the song that changed my life)

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stopsign said...

Some Great songs that I haven't heard in a long time~ Thanks

I did read your story a while back on your transplant and was glad to hear everything went well for you.
I have a couple of heart problems, it runs in my family.

Thanks for sharing your story