Wednesday, November 02, 2011


So, what I have I missed since I last wrote?

This "Occupy" nonsense is quickly getting out of hand. Aside from the fact that no one has a clue why they are there, it has become a breeding ground for anarchy and violence. Again today, there were two more stories of sexual assault. And in Oakland, rioters destroyed stores, banks and other businesses. In NY, a Kosher restaurant has had to lay off 21 workers because Mayor Bloomberg refuses to clean up the area around Zuccotti Park. Instead, they have kept barriers in place, which has dried up foot traffic in the Wall Street area.

The shame is two-fold. For those who truly feel that there is a reason to protest, they are protesting he wrong people. Actually, their complaint is not dissimilar to the Tea Party. The Tea Party also believes the bailouts were wrong. However, these protesters in Zuccotti Park (and elsewhere) are calling for more government regulation and action, without realizing (or caring) that it's government largess that is the problem. What they should be doing is marching on Washington. After all, the banks have been forced to take the bail-out money, as crazy as that sounds. Furthermore, most of the banks have paid back the money they were forced to take.

The second shame is that the protests have been co-opted - first by the Communist Party and then by anarchists. In fact, prisoners released from Rikers Island have been told to go down to Zuccotti Park because they can get food and drugs. The "Occupiers" have already complained that the homeless are using up their resources (I guess if you are homeless, you don't fit in). Talk about hypocrisy!

It really is time for Bloomberg to act like the Mayor and defend the laws he has sworn to protect. The same goes for Oakland and everywhere else the rules have been broken.

In some cities, it's starting to bite the city officials in the butt. When the Tea Party wanted to have a protest in that city, the Tea Party was charged over $10,000 and had to go through hoops to get the proper licensing. However, the "Occupy Richmond" group was told by city officials they didn't need to go through any process and could stay - free of charge - as long as they would like. Of course, the Tea Party is now suing the city of Richmond for this injustice. Good for them.

What makes this even more sickening is how the White House, and other Democrats, are aligning themselves with this movement. Does Obama really believe that siding with Nazis, communists and anarchists will enhance his re-election chances? It sure didn't help Hubert Humphrey.

It's clear to anyone who is paying attention that Obama is purposely siding with the occupiers for two reasons. Number one - it takes the attention away from his failed presidency, and two - it helps solidify his base. But this will backfire on him. Eventually, the cold weather will send the true believers home and leave just the fringe of society to stay. Even though the mainstream media portrays these people with undue respect, the story will (and is) growing old and there will be more important matters that will come up - like how do they destroy the Republican front runner.

In addition, as these protests continue to get out of hand (as we saw in Oakland today),city officials will eventually grow tired of placating to these people and will be forced to restore law and order. Remember, the people who own the businesses that are being destroyed are taxpayers.

In 2008, we elected a man who told us he wanted to "transform the United States." Too many people paid little attention and were just happy to elect someone "historic." We are paying the price for our ignorance. We now have a President who is openly advocating for those who wish to overthrow our government and destroy our capitalistic society.

Let me ask you this, if Obama were honestly and openly trying to destroy our country, what would he be doing different that he is doing now?

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