Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well, I haven't posted as much as I hoped to these past few days. I've been told they are wiring the place for Wi-Fi. But so far they haven't. So I've had to use my iPhone for all my writing. However, there is a desktop computer with Internet downstairs, near the therapy room. So after finishing OT for the day, I wheeled over top that room and that's where I'm writing from now. In a few minutes, the OT is bringing some other patient(s) in here because the lighting is better down here. Depending on how many others she brings will determine how long I stay. Since I am immuno-suppressed, I really have to be careful about being around elderly people who may be sick.

It's taken a few days, but I think most of the staff understands I'm lucid. I still have issues giving the nursing staff control over my meds. Last night, for example, the nurse (let's call her "Nurse Incompetent #5") was supposed to bring me 50mg of Hydrolozine (for blood pressure) at 12:30am. However, I asked the earlier nurse (younger and far more competent) to have her bring it when I wake up instead - which has been every night between 1-2am. I'm sleeping so poorly here that I'd prefer not be woken up when I actually sleep.

Well, I woke up and 1am and called for the nurse. She came by about 20 minutes later (not sure what else she could possibly be doing at 1am, while everyone on the floor was asleep) and I asked her for both the Hydrolozine and also Vicodin. It had been over 4 hours since I last took Vicodin and knew I wouldn't ber able to fall back asleep in the pain I was in.

She looked at me as if I spoke Martian. So I had to remind her (which I should not have to do) that I'm, supposed to take %0mg of Hydrolozine and Vicodin every 4 hours. 15 minutes later (again, why so long?), she brougt me 1/2 a dose of Vicodin and 100 of Gengraf, which is my cyclosporine (taken as an anti-rejection drug).

It really is a good thing I'm lucid. While taking an extra Gengraf (I take it twice a day and had already taken my evening dose) won't harm me this one time, what if it were something that could harm me??If I were a dementia patient, I would have no idea what medicine they were giving me and would need to trust them.

Well, I pointed out that wasn't Hydrolozine to her. The fact she had no idea what I'm supposed to take, nor when I'm supposed to take it, made me very concerned. She returned with the other 1/2 dose of Vicodin, but also with just 25mg of Hydrolozine! Now I ask you, how hard can this all be? For one thing, I brought them a bottle of the 50mg tablets from my apartment and they were supposed to discard the 25s. But of course, they didn't and again she looked at me funny. I finally started to lose my temper and told her to look at the f**king file!!!

It did get straightened out, finally. This morning, I logged yet another complaint about the nursing care (that makes 4 so far).

I just can't wait for ObamaCare to start. Sheesh, just how much worse is it going to be when the government takes over? We ain't talking about a letter that's meant for Chicago going to Timbuktu here. When you put the same type of employee in health care that you have at the DMV or Post Office, what do you expect to happen?

Anyway, hopefully I'll have a Wi-Fi connection soon and I'll post again shortly.

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